A jolly picture of Sailor Moon

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Serena is clumsy, ignorant, childish, and food-obsessed...But she's the leader of the Sailor Scouts AND the princess of the Moon Kingdom. She is always late, and a huge whiner, but she can be a great leader if she needs to. Although Serena is food-obsessed, she's also boy-obsessed, like Lita. (Sailor Jupiter) Her affairs with Darian (Tuxedo Mask) have always been pretty hilarious. Then there was Andrew a boy who works at the arcade. Serena isn't that bright either...


Serena transforms into Sailor Moon by holding her hair in the air and yelling "Moon prism power!" and then there's her power to turn into the Moon Princess. She transforms into her using the Silver Imperium Crystal.

A power she mostly used in the first season of the anime was Moon Tiara Magic.

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